How It Works

How it Works

The Gozo Secrets Discount Card gives you AMAZING discounts on all the elements you would love to enjoy on the beautiful island of Gozo, from kayaking to a family photo shoot, including an abundance of restaurants and cafes in your neighbourhood!!

Choose your Membership

The Gozo Secrets Discount Card is available in three types – 5 Day, 14 Day and a Yearly Version.

The 5 Day & 14 Day card which costs just 10 Euros & 18 Euros and is valid for 2 adults and 2 children under 12 is the ideal card for tourists. Within just a few times of using the cards you will have saved a fantastic amount of your holiday spending money and recouped the cost of the card.

The annual card which costs just 30 Euros and is valid for 2 adults and 2 children under 12 is ideal for everyone who lives on Gozo or who visits for longer time scales. Benefit from a variety of amazing discounts all year round!

Buying your Card

You can either buy your Discount Card from our website and the card will be delivered free to you within 24 hours to any local address in Gozo or with an additional cost for postage and packaging we can arrange delivery to your home address anywhere around the world.

You can also buy it directly from our authorised Sellers.

Start To Save Money

Once you purchase the Discount Card, you will receive your membership card together with our leaflet on particpating outlets in Gozo.

Once you have received your card simply present it before asking for the bill with a valid form of identification and the participating establishments will provide you with their promised discount or offer !

The Gozo Secrets Discount Cards are UNLIMITED, so you can use the cards as many times as you like during the validity of your card.

So start saving now, it really is that simple!